Sunday, January 10, 2016

TOOL Concert San Diego January 9th 2016

As some may recall, I posted photos of an autographed TOOL concert poster previously from a concert back in March of 2014.  One of the coolest and most unique aspects of TOOL artwork is that much of it is done by guitarist Adam Jones.  What makes finding the signed versions of these tour posters even more difficult is the fact that getting tickets to the concerts themselves is hard.  When tickets went on sale for this event at Viejas Arena on the SDSU campus, tickets were literally gone within seconds.  The demand was so high that the band even set up a second date for next day (today, coincidentally) and those tickets were gobbled up just as quickly.  Also, the band will only sign a couple hundred posters at most, which means you have to go straight to the merchandise tent and hope they still have them.  One more very cool thing about these posters is that each one is different for the specific city they are playing in.  Since I went to the concert last night, I went and bought the poster, then had to shield it from the rain and hold it throughout the show.

It's difficult to take a photo of this since it's an odd shape and it wants to roll back up since that is how you have to hold it while at the concert, so this is the best I could do.
The silver in the top right is Adam Jones, who as I mentioned already is the guitarist and the artist for the poster.  The purple signature is Danny Carey, one of the most underrated drummers alive.  The gold is Justin Chancellor, the bassist.  
That leaves frontman Maynard James Keenan as the last signature, which is towards the left hand side of the poster.  Incidentally, Keenan signs differently for his other bands A Perfect Circle and Puscifer.  I've previously posted photos of a couple Puscifer signed posters I've purchased.

As you can see, there were only 200 of these made available for this set of two concerts.  These things often sell online for hundreds of dollars since TOOL doesn't have a whole lot of signed stuff available.  Also, there is a cool embossed stamp on each one of these that I assume is to guarantee authenticity.  
I plan on using a double matte with blue and silver and then framing this thing in black, which will look awesome once complete and on the wall.  As a reminder, this is how my last one turned out from the March 2014 concert;
The yellow with the black frame makes it really stand out, in my opinion.  This thing is displayed in my autograph hallway.  Also, here is the comparison the Keenan's signature from a Puscifer poster he signed, which you can notice is a big difference.

I hope you enjoyed this non sports related autograph portion of the blog.  Thanks for reading!

After the matte and the framing, here is how it turned out;

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