Sunday, January 25, 2015

Winter Update

As anyone that collects signed sports memorabilia in Southern California can attest, the winter is a slow time of year.  There is no baseball, and the athlete signing appearances tend to peter out a little during this time sd well.  Despite the fact that the vast majority of my collection comes from me getting these athletes in person (via both unpaid and paid appearances), on the rare occasion that I find a good deal online or in a store I will purchase an item.  The only caveat is the place I am purchasing them from has to be a reputable one and I usually need to know about the athletes history and whether they are affiliated with that company.  In the case of the items below, all matched up and I couldn't pass up two good bargains that I found.

Steiner was having a post Thanksgiving sale, so I decided to pick up these two baseballs;

The top ball is Juan Marichal and the bottom is Tony Perez.  Neither player is all that expensive to get to begin with, and I didn't have either in my Hall of Fame collection so I pulled the trigger.  I bought a Gaylord Perry ball from Steiner as well, and a Stan Musial ball through  The Musial is authenticated through Tristar, which also happens to run insider sports.  Musial was affiliated with Tristar and often appeared at their shows.  Both baseballs can be seen in the picture below;

I later went back to and bought two of the same Drew Doughty signed 8x10s for a good price, one of which I matted and framed and gave as a gift to my brother, the other which I did the same but kept for my own collection.
I was a fan of this particular photo because the Kings are easily my favorite team regardless of sport and this was his goal from game one of the Stanley Cup Finals.  As a final note, here is what my baseball case is looking like after my recent additions.
Thanks for reading and with baseball season coming up soon as well as a couple shows I am attending, I will have more posts relatively soon.