Saturday, May 20, 2017

Marshall Faulk Celebrity Golf Championship

There is an annual Celebrity golf tournament hosted in San Diego that is now hosted by former San Diego State running back and NFL hall of famer Marshall Faulk.  Previous iterations of this event were hosted by Drew Brees, and prior to that, Stan Humphries.  I first began attending these events about 15 years ago since they were very easy to meet sports celebrities and add to my autograph collection.  This was the first time I had gone in probably ten years, but previously had so much success I figured it was worth going and seeing what would happen in the current version of the tournament.  Players like Mario Lemieux, Joe Morgan, Ozzie Smith, Grant Fuhr, Rollie Fingers, Deacon Jones, Drew Brees, Jeremy Roenick, Sterling Sharpe, Stan Mikita, and many more had signed autographs at these events for me before.  For more in depth details about the history of this event, and to see which celebrities attended this year, I suggest going here.

Instead of rehashing the whole day, I'm going to put up a few photos and quick snippets about who I got this time.

Terrell Davis was there, along with Faulk, Marcus Allen, Eric Dickerson, and Reggie Bush among former NFL running backs.  Davis signed and was in a great mood, messing with all the supporters.  I was happy to get him to sign.  Dickerson signed for everyone, but since I already had him in my collection I didn't bring anything for him.  Allen and Faulk never sign for anyone unless it's on a piece of paper.  I'm not sure if Bush signed or not, he said he'd sign after his round but I'm not sure what came of that.

Current Arziona Cardinal corner and All-Pro Patrick Peterson signed for me and a small group of people. He was cordial as well, and took a particular liking to this photo I found of him on Ebay.
NHL Hall of fame goalie and member of the "NHL Top 100" Grant Fuhr signed for everyone, as he always does.  Hockey players are always so nice, and very rarely say no to autograph seekers.  As I mentioned, I got Fuhr before but it was on a card, so heading into this event I made sure to bring an 8x10.  Side note, Fuhr is a fantastic golfer.

Troy Glaus and Jermaine Dye both signed basesballs for me.  Glaus signed after hitting some practice balls in the driving range, and Dye signed while waiting for his round to begin.  Both are former all stars, so they will go into my secondary baseball display case.

Other athletes I saw/heard sign but either didn't bring stuff for or just missed on include Jerry Rice (ouch), Brett Boone, Rick Rhoden, Gary Templeton, Matt Slauson, and Bernie Nicholls.  I did not wait for former Raiders wide receiver Tim Brown to finish his round, so not sure if he signed.  I was prepared with 8x10 photos of NHL Hall of famer Mike Modano, as well as US soccer superstar Landon Donovan, but they did not show for the Friday portion of the event.

Lastly, although I had nothing for him to sign, arguably my biggest thrill of the day was getting to meet and take a photo with actor Brian Baumgartner, who played Kevin on the Office.  My wife and I absolutely love the show, so going into the day my number one goal was to meet Brian.

All in all, it was a great day.  Hung out with my friend, watched some golf on a gorgeous day, and added some cool autographs to my ever growing collection.  Thanks for reading.