Monday, January 11, 2016

Chase Headley Game Used Bat

This year the company I work for had our holiday party at Petco Park, in the Western Metal Building.  Petco Park is the ballpark in which the Padres play.  In keeping with the ballpark theme, many of the raffle prizes ended up being sports memorabilia.  Out of the 400 or so employees working in my building, I doubt any cared for the prizes as much as I did.  Anyway, I ended up having my ticket pulled for a game used broken bat signed by Chase Headley.  Now, I've never once collected a signed bat, nor would Chase Headley be my first option of players to choose from.  However, this item is actually quite cool.  The fact that it was game used and broken during an at bat in a regular season game just adds to the neat factor.  It is authenticated by MLB as well. 

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