Sunday, January 24, 2016

Random Pieces of the Collection

It has been a long while since I posted one of these random pieces entries, so as I was going through some of my stuff I decided I'd write a post about some random autographed baseballs I've collected over the years.  The first is a ball Mike Lowell signed for me while still a member of the (at that time) Florida Marlins.  This was on a new baseball and I believe it was the inaugural season of Petco Park in 2004 when he signed it.
The second item I wanted to share is a ball signed by David Wells that he signed the first year the Padres played at Petco Park as well.  The story behind it is pretty cool.  Both David and Trevor Hoffman were playing wiffle ball with kids at the little diamond they have at Petco prior to a game later that evening.  Those who have been to the ballpark are familiar with this little diamond.  It was great to see two all star caliber players taking the time to mingle with impressionable young fans.  Wells was pitching and Hoffman was catching.  Afterwards, both stopped and signed for literally everyone that asked.  Also I recall at the time that I was wearing a Metallica shirt, and they just happen to be David Wells' favorite band.  So he was talking to me about them as he signed for other people.  Pretty cool experience overall I must say.
When Petco Park first opened, it really was a lot easier to get autographs from both the Padres as well as the visiting teams.  One of the Padres players I had a lot of luck with was Brian Giles, the multiple time all star.
Arguably the best player in this particular entry is Jim Edmonds, he of the renowned center field catches that were often spectacular.  I remember getting Mr. Edmonds to sign for me during batting practice before a game while a member of the Cardinals.  It happened to be the same day I'd end up getting two(!) balls signed by Albert Pujols, so it was an excellent hobby day for me.
The last ball I want to talk about is actually a ball I had signed at Qualcomm Stadium in 2003, the last season the Padres played there.  It is a game used ball signed by Jason Jennings, who also inscribed 2002 ROY on it for me.  There is a slight smudge on the back where the ball was struck by a bat, but other than that it is pretty clean.
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