Friday, October 28, 2016

Bill Mazeroski

I've mentioned the website before, but I like to use signings as a website to get a lot of information on which sports athletes (and some celebrities) are signing and when/where they are signing.  There are filters you can use to narrow down what exactly you're looking for, from which teams, states, and even types of award winners.  As I have quite the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame project going on, I've been keeping an eye on some private signings going on around the country.  As such, I came across a signing in Pennsylvania by a company called Total Sports Enterprises, which can be found Here.  They had a very affordable signing with Pirate legend Bill Mazeroski.  The ball came in the mail yesterday signed on the sweet spot with HOF 01, as well as JSA in the presence verification.
Mazeroski is a player I highly doubt would make it out west at any time for a signing, so I figured this was an affordable and trustworthy way of adding him to my collection.  The signings hotline website is a must for those in the hobby, and is bountiful in terms of information.  Thanks for reading.

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