Thursday, June 23, 2016

Recent Acquisitions

Recently I purchased five baseballs from a fellow blogger who spends more time up in Orange County and LA.  I suggest giving him a read as well, which you can here; Autographs.  I contacted him about adding a couple more MLB Hall of Famers to my collection, because as those of you who follow me know I am trying to get an entire display case full of signed MLB Hall of fame baseballs.  The first picture here is a HOF ball signed by Paul Molitor;
The second Hall member I added was Frank Thomas, which he signed on a standard official Rawlings Major League Baseball;
On a side note, I fully intend to attend one of the major Tristar sports collectible shows within the next year, and Frank Thomas is a guy who appears at many of them, so purchasing a ball now at a cheaper price made more sense to me then paying more to meet him at a show.  Generally, I like to get autographs in person, but lately with a busier life and an inability to add some of the guys I have been coveting, I decided purchasing is a good option B. 

I also added three more baseballs in my transaction; Carlos Correa (another Tristar member), Giancarlo Stanton, and the young 19 year old pitching phenom of the Los Angeles Dodgers, Julio Urias.  The pictures are below;




You'll notice that Urias has a unique way of signing the sweet spot on the baseball, he signs a little off center to the right hand side.  If you google the images of his signed baseballs, you'll see that he always does this.  I wanted to thank David for selling me these baseballs.  Thanks to everyone else for reading about them.

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