Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Baltimore Orioles-Petco Park 6/28/16

With the MLB All-Star game and festivities rapidly approaching, earlier this week I had a fresh set of official Rawlings Major League Baseballs delivered to my house.  That fact, combined with the fact that I had not been to a single Padres game this season, lead me to take my son and brother in law to the game and see which Orioles players we could get.  Despite having the fresh new batch of baseballs, I wanted to be extremely choosy with which players I tried to go after, since I fully expect to use up every baseball during the All-Star week.  One of the players that I wanted, of course, was young superstar Manny Machado.  Luckily, he came over and started signing along the third base line for some kids, so both my son and I went down to the wall immediately to see if we could get him.  This is what we came away with;

He signed for about ten minutes, but spent most of the time running with a blue sharpie.  Luckily, my son was able to get him with a blue pen before he started signing everything with the sharpie.  Obviously, neither ball was signed on the sweet spot, but again, I never ask for that and he wasn't really inclined to anyway.  I believe that the only people who did get sweet spot were the ones with the sweet spot cases, which literally cover the entire ball with a sleeve save for the spot you want the player to sign.  I might need to invest in one of those with the amount of side panels I've been getting.  Honestly the sharpie doesn't look awful, and it was cool that Manny came over and signed for as long as he did.  Also, I do feel fortunate to come away with two baseballs signed since there were probably a few hundred people swamping the area he was signing.

Adam Jones was also signing for people above the dugout about 15 minutes later, however my son just missed out on getting him to sign.  Adam did hand one of his bats to an older lady who was a hardcore Orioles fan, which was pretty cool.  Thanks for reading.

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