Sunday, August 23, 2015

MLB Autographs Update @ Petco Park

I've attended some Padres games this year as a season ticket holder, and wanted to post a brief update for some of the autographs I have obtained over the course of the season so far.  I recently had some luck at a game where the Reds were in town.  I added Brandon Phillips, Dusty Baker (who was in attendance doing something else), and Matt Kemp.  Kemp didn't sign the sweetspot but it was the first time I've ever gotten him so I'll take it.  




This is an autograph from Dallas Keuchel from April.  I took a gamble on this signed baseball because I knew the kid was pretty good last year and thought he had potential.  The good news is, this year he was an All-Star so my projection was on.  The bad news is he side paneled me and accidentally smeared his signature when tossing the ball back to me.  I appreciate him taking the time but would have passed on using a ball if I'd known the outcome ahead of time.
I attended a Phillies vs Padres game during the summer with my eight year old son who was very gung ho about trying to get some autographs.  I noticed Jeff Francouer was signing so my son ran over and asked him to sign a ball, which he did.  Generally Francouer would probably be a guy I wouldn't have sign a baseball (they are getting expensive) but my son really wanted to try and I was inclined to get him into the hobby so we can start a father/son thing.  Albeit an expensive thing.  
Lastly, my son and I have slowly but surely added on to the Padres 2015 team ball I mentioned earlier.  We have added Clint Barmes, Wil Venable, and the manager Pat Murphy.  During the Reds game I had field level tickets so was annoyed with myself for forgetting to bring the team ball when Yonder Alonso, Alexi Amarista, Yangervis Solarte, and Matt Kemp all signed right in front of me (same time I got the Kemp side panel ball above). 

Murphy (manager goes on sweetspot)

Venable (shortly before being traded)

The project is coming along nicely, and the best part about it is my son held this ball the entire night, that's how excited he was to do it.  Sounds promising... 

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