Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Through the Mail-Dirk Nowitzki

I tried something new recently, and sent an 8x10 photo to Dallas Mavericks star and future Hall of Famer Dirk Nowitzki.  I sent this photo through the mail, because I had come across a website which serves as a database for athletes and their "through the mail" signing habits.  Through this website, I saw that Dirk had a success rate of 100%, which means that whatever people send he signs and sends back.  As this was my first attempt in doing this venture, I researched what to do and how best to maximize my probability of getting an autograph back.  I purchased an 8x10 photo for five or six bucks, mailed a self addressed stamped envelope, and hoped for the best.  I sent the photo out to the Dallas Mavericks facility on September 10th, so you can imagine my surprise when I picked up my mail yesterday and found an envelope.  Inside was this photo...
I have to say, that's a pretty nice autograph to get at little cost through the mail from a player of Dirk Nowitzki's status.  I'm obviously going to matte and frame it and make it a real nice piece to display somewhere in my man cave.  I want to thank Dirk Nowitzki for being real cool about signing this photo.  The reviews of him being a good guy with fans and a good signer were 100% accurate in my case. 

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