Friday, February 5, 2016

Leaf Autograph Baseball Mystery Box

I posted about one of these bought in a blog a few posts back, in which I pulled a Boog Powell inscribed baseball out of the box.  To rehash, Leaf released autograph baseballs in a grab bag form, in which you don't know who you're going to get.  They sell these at Target, and I have only come across them twice, the second time being yesterday.  It's $40 a pop, but there is the possibility of pulling some hall of fame type players, and the value of whomever you get will at least be worth a little more than what you spend.  This time, I got Graig Nettles, who also inscribed '77, '78 WSC.
Again not the biggest name I could have gotten but not terrible.  It's always nice to get Yankees or former Yankees, as they are as collectible as any team with all the history they've accumulated on their side.  All of the baseballs also have holograms on the back for authentication.
I went to the website to check it out and found that it was pretty much standard stuff.  Doesn't say when and where the signing occurred, just says that it's real.  For those wondering, here is what the packaging looks like if you happen to come across one and decide to buy it;

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