Saturday, September 5, 2015

Padres Game Updates

I've been to a couple more Padres games over the past two weeks as the stretch run is in full swing in Major League Baseball.  The Pads just happen to be home often over the later portion of their 2015 schedule, which my 20 game season ticket package happens to coincide with.  One of the games I went to was the game versus the Texas Rangers.  I only went into the game with two unused MLB baseballs to use, so I had to pick and choose.  Many of the Rangers ended up signing, and one who signed a lot down the third base line was Josh Hamilton.  I hurried over into the mass of people and got one of the balls signed on the sweet spot.
The other player who I went after was Cole Hamels, who signed down the left field line.  He was signing everything every one handed to him, though he declined all requests for the sweet spot on baseballs.  As such, I ended up with Hamels on a ball as well.
These were two very good gets in my opinion.  I had never seen Hamels sign before, though I was told later on that he always signs for people, just not on the sweet spot on any baseballs.  I know Josh Hamilton has always been fan friendly, I just never ended up getting him before.  Two all star/MVP/Cy Young caliber players in one day is always a good thing.

Another game I had gone to earlier was against the Atlanta Braces.  Their roster is pretty barren from an autograph standpoint, at least when you only emphasize getting baseballs signed.  As a surprise, David Justice showed up and signed for some fans.  I was the next person in line when he stopped so.  Terry Pendelton, another former Brave and current coach, also signed but I missed out on him as well.  Freddie Freeman signed for a couple of fans who had field access but that was about it for him.  Feeling a bit downtrodden I focused on a player who is universally known as a good dude in the memorabilia universe, Nick Swisher.  He signed for just about everyone asking, so I got a ball signed (non sweet spot-didn't ask and regret it).   While signing for me I told him how my wife loved his wife's show, Reba.  I told him that I actually told my wife that I'd come home from the Padre game with "Cheyenne's" real husband's signature.  Nick thought it was funny and thought it even more funny that my wife liked Reba.  I tend to agree.
Again, I'm a bit disappointed I didn't ask Nick to sign on the sweet spot because I know he would have.  I just have always hated asking for it, because it tends to make the players think you are a dealer, which I most certainly am not.  The collection of signatures I have on side panels is growing so much and the baseballs are starting to cost more and more to the point I think I might have to make the decision to start asking.  Pretty soon I'll have a case with a bunch of studs like Todd Helton, Albert Pujols, Robinson Cano, Derek Jeter, Matt Kemp, Paul Goldschmidt, Jay Bruce, Randy Johnson, Roger Clemens, Cole Hamels, etc who I've already gotten on side panels.  Thanks for reading!

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