Wednesday, June 18, 2014

San Manuel Casino Dustin Brown Puck Giveaway

As I've made mention on this blog before, hockey is my favorite sport.  The Los Angeles Kings have been my favorite team in any sport since I was a kid in 1988.  As such, I follow just about all things Kings on Twitter.  You can imagine then that when I saw one such Kings sponsor, the San Manuel Indian Bingo and Casino having a giveaway on Twitter, I did what they asked to be eligible.  I retweeted a tweet.  Took me about three seconds total to do so.  Turns out I won a signed puck from Kings captain Dustin Brown, which arrived in the mail yesterday.
This is a pretty awesome prize if you ask me.  What makes it even better is I won it the day before Dustin Brown raised the Stanley Cup over his head for a second time!  On a side note, I have been to San Manuel and had a blast.  I live in Northern San Diego County so it isn't exactly close, which shows you what I actually think of the casino.  I'd recommend anyone going if they want to go out for the night and have a good time.  At least give them a follow on Twitter @SanManuelCasino.  Check out their website here:  Maybe you can win something as well...

I will be posting soon about a local hero who just passed away, Tony Gwynn.  I loved that man, he was an icon to me and I have had many interactions with him that all went well.  Thankfully, I have been able to collect some pretty cool stuff from my favorite baseball player growing up.  He was someone I emulated on the field and literally a man every Southern California kid my age playing baseball grew up idolizing.  That post will be up soon. 


  1. You lucky dog! Congrats! I remember that contest, too.

    1. I know right! I saw last week that they wanted some followers, I retweeted for them, and a few days later I have a Dustin Brown puck at my door. I'll take it! Thanks for reading.