Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Colorado Rockies @ Petco Park 4/15/14

Spurred on by my relative success with the Tigers just a few days before, I decided to attend the first game of a four game series between the Rockies and the Padres.  The Rockies are pretty well regarded in the autographing community for their generosity in signing for people.  This is including the bigger names like Troy Tulowitzki and Carlos Gonzalez, who often make a point to sign a couple of times every series.  One of my older posts on this blog actually alludes to a day I went down to Petco Park to do some pregame Rockies graphing for the first time.  It was a successful experience.  With that as a backdrop, I eagerly anticipated what type of success I might have heading into this game.

What was immediately apparent upon arriving downtown, was the lack of people in comparison to a Friday night against a marquee opponent like the Tigers.  Lawrence (who I met up with at the ballpark after his long day of pregame graphing) and I were able to get right down into the front row above the Rockies dugout.  Immediately, we were able to add both Justin Morneau and Carlos Gonzalez to our collection.  This is the second time I have gotten a ball signed by CarGo and the first time I have ever attempted to get Morneau.

As this is the second ball signed by him that I possess, I am willing to work out a trade for a ball I don't yet have.  Contact me if this interests you.

The game itself was a snoozer, the Padres winning on a passed ball and the game taking seemingly forever.  Here is a couple shots of our vantage point.
Note the relative emptiness just 20 minutes before first pitch

Chase Headley

Post game was successful for those who were willing to add anyone on the Rockies roster.  Nolan Arenado, Rex Brothers, Jordan Pacheco, Charlie Blackmon, and many others came over and signed various items.  However, I only was watching for Troy Tulowitzki who for some reason I have been unable to get anything signed from despite the fact he does sign quite often.  We waited close to two hours before giving up on finding him.  No one around the ballpark noticed him leave, which is highly unusual.  Generally, someone spots a player from one of the exits.  It was a little weird,  like there was a blood moon or something...
While still unable to add Tulo, it was another good night for the hobby in downtown San Diego.  Five good autographs, all on the sweetspot of baseballs, in two games.  On to the next!  Thanks for reading.

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