Thursday, February 14, 2013

Random Ponderings

Just wanted to give a heads up that there is another card and collectibles show hosted by Tristar happening in San Francisco April 19-21.  I posted earlier about my experiences at last years show, where I added a lot of really good names to my growing collection of sports memorabilia.  If you want to take a gander at some of the items I came away with, check out that previous post.  A lot of the Giants will be attending the show as will some big retired names like Frank Thomas, Wade Boggs, Reggie Jackson, and a lot more.  You can find anything you want to know related to this show at

Again, I can't stress enough how awesome of an event this is as not only do you get to meet, greet, and come away with some memorabilia, but this event draws a lot of the big name dealers and vendors that are known around the country.  It's definitely worth the weekend trip up to the Bay area.  As I already have pictures posted of everything I came away with last year, here is a picture of something else in my collection...

This is my tribute to one of the local heroes we have here in San Diego county, the late great Junior Seau.  Junior signed this for a charity event he attended and hosted by United Way back in the mid 90's, and is actually the very first piece of sports memorabilia I owned.  My family won this signed NFL ball during the raffle.  R.I.P Junior...

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