Friday, July 27, 2012

Random Ponderings of the Collector's Mind

One of the main questions on many people's mind when I tell them that one of my hobbies is collecting sports memorabilia is why on earth I would want someone's signature.  The plain truth of the matter is, I really don't know other than to me it's pretty awesome to have as big a collection as I do, filled with all types of stories regarding how I obtain certain items.  The interaction you have with the some of the best players in their respective sports is something you take with you, as opposed to say only a baseball with a guy's signature on it.  In other words, it's about the story behind it as much as it is about the item itself.  For example, this past April I attended a signing show at the Cow Palace in San Francisco, where I got to meet all types of Hall of Famers (Carlton Fisk, Johnny Bench, Frank Robinson, Chris Mullin, etc.).  While getting Fisk to sign a ball I happened to be wearing a Los Angeles Kings hat, which happens to be my all time favorite team.  This sports collectors show was going on right at the beginning of the NHL playoffs, so the Kings had just played the previous night.  While getting Mr. Fisk's autograph, he noticed my hat and started talking hockey with me.  He talked for a good minute or two about the Kings' chances as he had watched their first two playoff games of that series.  After I got my baseball signed and thanked him, I walked away wondering if I had really just had a full on conversation about hockey and my team, the Kings, with Carlton Fisk.  To me, that's a damn cool thing.  Here is the ball he signed....

My all time favorite Padre is Mr. Padre himself, Tony Gwynn.  As anyone who has met him can attest, he is one of if not the most fan friendly players in any sport.  For those of you in Southern California, here is a small tip.  Tony signs three or four times a year for free at El Cajon Ford.  He has done this for years and if you are a collector, a Gwynn fan, or just a fan of baseball, I'd highly recommend going down there to meet him and take a picture with him or get something signed.  The El Cajon Ford website is the place to check when his next appearance might be, as are any Padres blogs and the website I mentioned last time  Here is my favorite item I have had Tony sign for me...

My next planned day to try and get autographs from a team will be next Friday the 3rd of August, when I'm going to try and get the New York Mets coming into the ballpark at Petco Park before the game like I did so successfully for the the Rockies.  I figure since it worked so well that time, I may as well give it a go again.

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